Quality and Cost Efficiency for Research with Jostarndt Patent and Trademark Attorneys

In research and development projects, there is a close cooperation with standards organizations and standardization organizations (DIN, EBN, CEN and ISO, as well as IEC). Here, public resources can be applied for, but several decisive steps are also to be taken into account in this process. As experts of information generation, research and analysis, we advise you by means of cutting-edge IT and services and can thus contribute in part to securing your research funding. We are likewise at your side in the protection of the achieved research results, in order to bring about the important protection of inventions and to protect these property rights long-term. Here you can refer back to institutions, in the first step, such as the Fraunhofer Institute, Max-Planck Institute, universities, the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) or European Patent Agency (EPA) (you may find further information here: LINK). As experienced patent and trademark attorneys, we subsequently ensure a final securing of your property. An initial assessment is free for you and an application, through public funding, bolsters financing in many cases. Please contact us!

Please contact us!

Within the framework of research activities, a plurality of inventions regularly result, but once these are first published, they can no longer be protected. Therefore, intellectual property is to be protected first, we have already supported, inter alia, universities, departments, the research and the researchers thereof in this for years, in order to accompany you on the path to publication or commercialization. Secret patents form an exception here, these are excluded from publication, as particular conditions apply per § 50 PatG. Our patent attorneys and partners are already representing clients in secret patents in numerous cases. Through a worldwide network of communicating attorneys, our clients are also represented locally by competent attorneys in proceedings of industrial property protection.

If you would like to learn more and inform yourself about the legal issues, we thus offer research institutions or universities a free initial consultation as well.

For the purposes of research and science: Per §9 PatG the patent has the effect that alone the patent holder is authorized to use the patented invention within the scope of the applicable law, applies. But exceptions apply per §11 PatG within the field of research and thus enable, inter alia, acts done for experimental purposes.