implementing eiii

Enhanced information, innovation and investment – we are happy to explain in detail what lies behind this in an initial, in-person business contact. As a patent and trademark attorney firm and service provider, we have set ourselves the goal of expanding our services, so that we not only comprehensively protect your ideas, but moreover to take action beyond even that – since it’s about so much more than that.

Generating/Recognizing Information

One of the deciding factors here is the recognition and obtaining of important and crucial information. Unfortunately, we are unable to divulge our methods here in detail and we apologize for this; we are, however, of course happy to provide our current clients and future clients insights into our innovative work. Our target is to provide honest advice, and thus our recommendation, in certain cases, can also be a “disadvising” against patenting, and this is certainly not to be understood negatively. Sometimes it is simply more sensible, to invest a capital expenditure into a more promising patent application, but with our expertise, we can optimally assess and appraise this for you. Even industry leaders don’t implement every protected invention, though patented ideas possess further significance for large enterprises, more about this in the next sections.


Innovations are an important lever for growth and company equity; these can be new technologies, the opening up of new markets or equally the exploitation of patent loopholes. One of the competences of our firm is the generation of inventions. Before we file a patent for an invention for our clients, we analyze with and for our clients which scope of protection can be achieved. Along with the legally possible scope of protection which we exploit, in turn, using compelling informational sources, comes the economic scope of protection. The determination of the economic scope of protection occurs through correspondingly competent individuals, effectively and efficiently, from within our firm’s domain.


The best investment opportunity is presently still the obtaining of patent protection for inventions and supporting protection with further property rights, above all for trademarks and designs. In addition, there exist by far yet more investment opportunities. For multiple clients, we were able to identify property rights portfolios, which stood in the way of their climb to market leadership. Through careful information generation, we were able to determine, suggest and, during implementation, support tailor-made and needs-based strategies respective to the situation, belonging to this inter alia:

  • searches and expert opinions ahead of investments or in the development and market launch of products and services
  • preparation of property rights strategies
  • strategies for the prevention and combating of product and trademark piracy and counterfeiting incl. the analysis of risk potentials
  • technological and monetary evaluation of property rights
  • support in budget planning
  • purchase of the patent portfolio
  • purchase of a firm, in that case the firm value was less than the value of the patent portfolio alone
  • systematic attack on the property rights portfolio including multiple hundreds of patent applications and patents, recognized as deletable
  • defense against third party appeals to objections or actions for annulment, as well as systematic development of workarounds for avoiding a usage of patents

Market Success

Market Success requires systematic and intensive efforts. With the long-standing experience of our firm, we believe we can say that new ideas do not always bring the promising market success that inventors hope for. We could have already guided a multitude of ideas towards the corresponding patent protection, and secured revenues of several billion euros, but there are also numerous ideas and just as many patents which have not always led to marketable innovations or important market successes or to turnover in the billions. What is decisive here is to know the factors which determine the success of an idea and to be able to offer tailor-made, individual solutions.