Jostarndt Patent and Trademark Attorneys advise medium-sized enterprises in patent applications as a means in competition

Idea protection in medium-sized enterprises – an important topic. That is because not only larger companies are becoming victims of product piracy for quite some time now. Protection of intellectual property – your invention – is therefore also important for medium-sized companies and to be taken notice of. What all can you do?

Patents, trademarks, designs or utility models and registered designs are to be protected via corresponding patent applications, and this in the corresponding approach. A patent attorney can optimally advise here and can preclude or remove possible loopholes in the application. Our philosophy here is to use opportunities from your intellectual property as best as possible, and to point out proposals for the employment of applications as a competitive means. Why? An active patent management improves your funding situation, in particular if you are reliant on foreign capital or intend to take this step. Germany’s medium-sized enterprises enjoy an excellent reputation and we want to support you here in protecting the same. An own patent also secures your financing, the acquisition of third-party patents also plays an ever-more important role nowadays in company development. Don’t delay and shrink away e.g. from the publication of your patents. Counterfeiting of patents via published patent applications is not as easy as perhaps feared, in addition, this step can be prevented by a consistent monitoring of the competition and an expanded patent monitoring.

Use our advice and support for this important step, in the areas:

  • combatting of product and trademark piracy, with trade fair and exhibition service upon request
  • defense against attacks by third parties, in particular by non-practicing entities (NPEs)
  • Enforcement of patent rights in the countries of origin of piracy products

our patent attorneys are also at your side in an advisory capacity, discuss objectives and wishes for your patent protection with you. Together we work out the individual property right situation, point out the implications of possible decisions, advise in licensing matter, develop a commercial evaluation or utilization of property rights or portfolios. Feel free to get in touch, an initial assessment is free. A trusting collaboration is a matter of course for us, just as is effective communication and rapid implementation.

Feel free to get in touch, an initial assessment is free.